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Canoeing & Kayaking

It’s dark and foggy outside and my alarm’s bleeping angrily. I press the snooze button. All of a sudden, there it is again. ‘Just put one foot on the floor,’ I tell myself. It doesn’t go well. Fast-forward 10 minutes and I’m out of bed, wearily, at 5.30am on a Thursday morning.

I meet the guys from Goal Attained, a fairly new fitness company, at 6am on the Russian beach by Dubai Marine Beach Resort in Jumeirah. They’re already surprisingly chirpy, and offer me tea and coffee before we get started. I’m here to test the new Beach Adventure Training, a fresh exercise class that involves cycling, kayaking and running, all crammed into just an hour’s session.

The group splits into two smaller groups and, after a warm-up, my group starts by cycling along a track on the beach. The joy of cycling in the mist is definitely worth the early rise. We do laps of the track – for the first stretch, we use the lowest gear (so it feels like your feet are pedalling,swiss replica watches but nothing’s happening, which works your legs hard without you realising it). The length back is in the highest gear so your legs really get pumped (the goal in this length is to be completely out of your seat – I was a bit wobbly, to say the least).