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Dubai villas come in different types and sizes, but unlike apartments they do not cater to the accommodation needs of a larger segment of Dubai’s population. In general, it’s hard for people with an average income to afford the luxurious lifestyle of a villa in Dubai. Villas both old and new are there to be found in Dubai with prices varying accordingly. Older villas are usually wholly independent with separate amenities such as a private pool, garden and gym. Whereas newer villas are more luxurious and sometimes come in compound style with shared amenities. 

There are villas for sale in Dubai which showcase private pools, Jacuzzis, lush green gardens and driveways. Many of the villas for rent in Dubai feature virtually all amenities and are fully furnished providing the guest with unparalleled comfort. The demand for furnished villas in Dubai is as high as luxury villas, the only difference being that furnished villas are generally rent-only whereas the latter is available for both sale and rent. Some villas are located in gated communities and offer 24-hour security to the residents besides other common facilities. In short, whether you are looking to buy or rent a villa in Dubai, you have many options to choose from.